DP Phillips Hospital

Volunteer duties are varied depending on the service area. Duties can range from clerical to assisting nursing staff with non-clerical duties. Service areas include:

  • Central Supply – Assist Central Supply staff in making supply deliveries within the hospital.
  • Emergency Department/Guest Services – Assist the Guest Services staff greeting patients and families coming into the E.R. Act as liaison between patients in holding beds and family members in waiting area.
  • Endoscopy Nursing Unit– Escort and discharge patients, strip, clean and make up stretchers, transport specimens to the lab, pick up and deliver medical records.
  • Endoscopy Waiting Room – Greet patients and facilitate communication and understanding between the Endoscopy Staff, physicians and the waiting family members.
  • Food and Nutrition – Assist in the kitchen/cafeteria by restocking silverware, wiping tables, filling salt pepper shakers, stocking beverage coolers and various kitchen duties.
  • Healing Arts – Volunteers take the art/activity cart to patients and families to offer art supplies, puzzles, games and literature. Musicians and artists are also needed to bring the arts to our patients.
  • Information Desk – Greet visitors, answer phone calls, direct visitors to various areas and departments, maintain sign-in logs, and perform various clerical duties.
  • Nursing Units – Support nursing staff by performing non-clinical duties and interacting with patients. Taking specimens to the lab, discharging patients and restocking patient rooms with towels, fresh water, hand germicide etc.
  • Outpatient Rehab – Assist the staff in day to day processes such as filling hot packs with water, disinfect exercise equipment, greet patients in waiting room, assist at reception desk.
  • Patient Advocate – To round on the nursing units, assess that patient needs are being met, and act as liaison between patients and hospital staff. Visit with patients who need company.
  • Pharmacy – Make pharmacy deliveries within the hospital, check for outdated drugs, perform clerical duties and assist staff in keeping pharmacy clean.
  • Spiritual Care - Under the direction of Spiritual Care, provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, families, visitors and staff . (You will be required to fill out a separate Spiritual Care Application)
  • Volunteer Office - Answer phone and run errands such as taking specimens to the lab, deliver flowers and cards to patient rooms, transport discharged patients to front entrance, deliver supplies to nursing units, perform clerical duties.

If you have a talent or skill you would like to share, please tell the volunteer manager to discuss possibilities.