IRB Structure
Ethical Principles 6000-100
IRB Membership and Structure 0330-1013
IRB Authority and Jurisdiction 0330-1005

Types Of IRB Review
Compassionate/Treatment Use of An Investigational Drug or Device 0330-1012
Emergency Use of Investigational Drugs and Devices 0330-1010
Exempt Review 0330-1004
Expedited Review 0330-1003
HUD – Humanitarian Use Device 0330-1006

IRB processes
Advertising, Recruiting and Media Contact for Research Subjects 6000-300
Amendment Review Process 0330-1008
Clinical Trials Compensation 6000-302
Continuing Review Process 0330-1007
Informed Consent Process 0330-1002
New Protocol Submission 0330-1014
Reporting Serious Adverse Events
Protocol Deviations/ Violations
Study Closure

Vulnerable Population
Children in Research Including Unmarried Pregnant Minors, Unmarried Minor Mothers, Married Minors, and Emancipated Minors 0330-1011
Elderly, Terminally Ill, Minorities and Cognitively, Impaired Persons in Research 6000-401
Pregnant Women, Fetus in Research 6000-402
Research Involving Prisoners 6000-403
Research On Decedents 6000-404
IRB Forms
Forms for IRB submissions may be found on our electronic submission system at www.IRBNet.org. You will need to register to the IRBNet system and link your registration to Orlando Health in order to access our forms. Call the IRB office at 321.841.5895 if you need assistance.