The Orlando Health Wellness Center is designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Hospital employees and all community members are welcome to join our facility. As a member you will have unlimited access to all the equipment and expertise you need to look and feel your best.



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Upon joining our facility, you will receive an orientation with one of our Exercise Specialists. The fitness staff will discuss your health history and personal fitness goals. You will have a program designed specifically to meet your needs. The staff will show you how to use the appropriate equipment to maximize your results. The staff will check up on you during your follow up appointment. The check up allows you to meet with the staff and answer any questions you may have. You may be shown additional exercises to help you meet your goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner to exercise, we will ensure your safety and make sure you are comfortable with the fitness equipment and programs.

The Wellness Center also offers additional services to members or non-members:


Personal Training

Get one-on-one attention and that extra push you need to get you through your workout. You can buy one session to refresh you or a package of sessions to keep you motivated. Our certified, specialized trainers will help you reach your personal best.

Premiere Personal Training Weight Management Program

More than just personal training, this program combines fitness and nutrition to help you meet your goals and create a lifestyle of health and well-being. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, decreasing body fat and cellulite, we can help you meet your goal with training education, and holding you accountable. You will receive 20 personal training sessions, body fat analysis and evaluation before and after your 20 sessions, weekly weigh ins, & educational material on nutrition, calories, recipes and meal planning tips.

Massage Therapy

After a long day at work or a grueling workout, indulge yourself by making an appointment for a relaxing massage. Relax and unwind while increasing blood flow to sore and aching muscles to aid in recovery and results.

Fitness Evaluations

An individual session with our fitness staff that will determine your BMI, waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, muscular fitness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. This is a great way to discover your current level of fitness and determine where you want to be. The staff will develop an exercise prescription to help you meet your goals. A re-evaluation can be done in about three months to measure your success.

Body Fat Analysis

Our fitness staff will use skin fold calipers or girth measurements to determine your percentage of body fat. You will receive a complete explanation on what your number means to your health and tips to reach your healthy goal.

Community Lectures

The fitness staff can come to your organization to bring a variety of interesting and educational topics. Single lectures are available on topics like “Stress Reduction”, “Exercising to Lose Weight”, “Fitting Exercise into a Busy Schedule”, to name a few. We can also come in weekly for a weight management program where your employees will be weighed in and given seminars on various weight loss issues.

Bod Pod

The Bod Pod is a computerized egg-shaped chamber that measures air displacement to find you body fat percentage. The Bod Pod measures body mass using a precise scale and volume by sitting inside the chamber. Fat vs. Lean weight are calculated with accurate results.


Please Note: For your safety, a doctor's release is required if you are a male 40 years of age or older or a female 50 years of age or older.

For more information or a tour of our facility please contact us at 407.237.6351 or 321.841.5405.

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