The Wellness Center’s Group Exercise schedule offers variety, flexibility, and fun. With 16 different class options and over 30 classes per week we make it easy to join in. From Boot Camp to Senior Fit there are classes for all fitness levels. Check the class list and keep in mind our schedule changes every three months to accommodate member’s requests and continue to bring exciting classes to the Wellness Center.

All Levels

Core Control

This class includes exercises and moves to increase core strength. A 15 minute class of all abdominal work. All levels welcome.


This high intensity class will get your heart pumping as you navigate and conquer the “open road” with jumps, hills, and sprints. All levels welcome.

Prenatal Gentle Fitness

A class designed for the mother-to- be that includes light cardiovascular exercise and strength training routines. All of the exercises in this class are designed to help pregnant women keep fit and have an easier pregnancy and recovery. Get a safe and effective workout in this fun class setting. Come and learn the best exercises and modifications for YOU with other moms! This class is also ideal for anyone who is looking for a non-impact aerobic and strength training workout. All levels welcome.

Prenatal Gentle Yoga

This gentle Yoga class will stretch your body, increase breathing and help with relaxation. Perfect for expecting moms, postpartum moms, those trying to conceive, and even women who need a gentle, welcoming class to introduce them to Yoga. This class is designed with all scenarios in mind, eliminating deep twisting and core-focused movements. All levels welcome.

Pump It Up

From toning to core work to drills … You never know what you’re going to get! Come be surprised and Pump It Up! All levels welcome.

Special Saturday Cycling

Look for flyers or receive e-mail reminders for our special classes on Saturday mornings. Along with a powerful cycling workout, these themed classes make exercising fun. Themes can include “Back to the 80’s”, “Outdoor Cycling”, “Cycling around the World” and more! All levels welcome.

Step & Tone

30 minutes of step followed by 30 minutes of overall body toning.


Students are led through Sun Salutations to warm the body and develop stamina; standing postures to develop balance; sitting postures to open hips, strengthen forward folding and develop spinal flexibility; back bending; plus a closing sequence with inversions to improve circulation and cool the body. Although helpful for students to have significant movement and yoga experience, a typical class has a wide range of experience, from beginners to students with many years of practice. Modifications are given to make the practice accessible to all body types and fitness levels. The only requirement for practice is a desire to connect movement with breath. Be prepared to sweat! All levels welcome.


A hypnotic Latin dance craze with easy to follow moves. You are guaranteed to have fun, sweat, and get fit in this class! All levels welcome.

Zumba Toning

A breakthrough muscle toning and shaping class with the use of light weight sticks that you use like a set of maracas. Get ready to move and tone your body Zumba style! All levels welcome.


Senior Fit

This senior-friendly class includes an ample warm-up session with 20-30 minutes of low-impact aerobics followed by exercises that focus on enhancing balance, strength and flexibility. Seniors 55+ or Beginner.

Senior Sport

A class designed for the active senior. This class focuses on sport specific exercises to enhance and help improve your golf or tennis game. All levels welcome.

Senior Strength & Balance

This class is designed to help seniors improve the quality of their lives and increase strength for daily activities. The exercises in the class are geared toward improving balance, range of motion, core strength and overall muscle tone. All levels welcome.

Intermediate & Advanced

Power Cycling

This class combines everything you love about indoor cycling with the intensity of Bootcamp class. A combination of cardio cycling with strength training to develop the muscles used in Cycling and help you look and feel your best. Intermediate to advanced levels.


Combines calisthenics and drills into an action packed format designed to improve agility, balance, strength, and burn as many calories as possible.

Total Body Conditioning

Strengthen and tone your whole body with this weight training class. Condition your body with weights, resist-a-balls, bands, bars or just your own body weight. Guaranteed to strengthen your body and mind!